This Photography Thing

Artist Statement:

I like to day dream..a lot. I often zone out and let my mind come up with interpretations of the world around me. A lot of them weird and unrealistic but that doesn't matter. What's important to me is that my mind wanders..

To me photography has always been something to have fun with and not take too seriously. Somewhere along the way I decided to merge my weird imagination with it to give "This Photography Thing". I guess the whole point is to align your reality with my perception.

Artist Bio:

Tobi Isaac is a photographer, digital artist & videographer  based in Dublin, Ireland. He uses photography and photoshop to tell stories and convey the world around him as he sees it. With his skill developed over the years, Tobi has worked with brands such as Trust It Ent, Diffusion Label, Dearfach TV and many more. A lot work of Tobi's work has been featured in start up magazine and online media platform Slight Motif. Social media is where Tobi mainly showcases his artwork with his worldwide audience.